"typical" Sulcata behavior?

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"typical" Sulcata behavior?

Post  tortoise_luvergirl on Tue Jan 13, 2015 4:02 am

Hi all, me and Willow ( my 16 month old male tortoise) are new here. When I originally Bought Willow ( from an online tortoise farm, they have been ever so helpful to us!) I Had asked for a female, they said they would definately try but there are no gaurentees. Well 16 months later my "girl" hatchling Has had some pretty weird behaviors. "she" has started rubbing himself on his food/water dishes,stones,my tile floor and especially a favorite pair of fuzzy pants ( I gave up and let him have these becuz he will fight for them). Willow is only 5 pounds but VERY strong and strong minded.. what he wants he wants! If I don't fee him when he wants he will bash his enclosure with his shell, then when I go to pet him he will hiss ( YES mouth open, not just letting air out), try to NIP me and ram. but when I have food for him, he's quite eager to come to me for petting. yet he also displays displeasure at being ignored for long periods of time by ramming. Tonight I let him wear himself out on my floor and fuzzy pants, otherwise I'd have another night of his "squeaking". I am abit baffled by his behavior for two reasons.. ONE he is only 16 months old ( plastron is quite concave), TWO I live in MN and it's very cold out with decreased daylight so I decreased HIS daylight in his enclosure as well with a timer. AT night he has a red infrared heat lamp.. daytime a desert reptile UV ( LONG not coiled) and a mercury vapor lamp. I really LOVE my baby and don't care to rehome him, Is his behavior to be expected as an early "puberty"? or something else.. like territorial? he sure is growing FAST despite the diet of dark leafy greens( clover now grown indoors, dandelion in summer, weeds and grasses, and of course his favorite, CLOVER and clover flowers.) I do give him rose petals at times and spring mix in the winter but NEVER fruits or veggies. No pyramiding on his shell either but growing super fast. I also use spray vitamins,cuttle bone for calcium and the 2 UV sources.. desert reptile and the mercury vapor lamp. This is one fine Healthy and active tortoise.


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